In 2016, WT and the Dutch Art Institute collaborated on an artistic endeavor to research concepts around moving art to rural areas throughout Holland. As a result of this prompt, I became interested in the idea of the fence and what it would take to build one. Little did I know how timely this topic would come to be in the 2016 elections. The essay and documentation of my fence was published by Casco and the DIA, Inland: Volume 1, with Fernando Garcia-Dory.

The word fence derives from the shortening of the word defence. Although a fence is a physical structure, it also has a symbolic and psychological meaning. A fence is a barrier that confines those within its bounds as much as it excludes those outside, be they humans, livestock, or crops. It represents a division, boundary, property, and sense of security. The fence is one of the most basic—yet profound—developments of human culture that has helped shape modern civilization and society.  

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